2011 Exhibitions

The Wildlife of North Alabama

February 6 – March 11

Visitors discovered the wonders of north Alabama’s wildlife, photographed in their natural habitat by Joe and Valerie Romans: bald eagle, osprey, river otter, fox, & other species.

Shoebox Sculpture

March 27 – May 6

Eighty-one small sculptures in the exhibition revealed how artists from around the world have dealt with the challenges of space and scale that are dictated by the size of an ordinary shoebox. This triennial invitational exhibition has attracted artists from Hawaii the U.S. mainland, Australia, Canada, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Norway, People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. “The 10th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition is organized by the University of Hawaii Art Gallery and supported in part by a grant from the Hawaii state Foundation on Culture and the Arts”

Watercolor Society of Alabama, Annual Juried Competition

May 15 – July 8

The 70th watermedia exhibition of work executed in an aqueous manner on paper or paper-mounted board. Selection Juror: Jeanne Dobie, nationally known watercolorist, juror, educator and author. www.jeannedobie.com Awards Juror: Elizabeth Chapman, Award winning artist and art educator. www.elizabethchapman.com

Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama

June 6 – July 8

An annual juried exhibition of works by Alabama children who are visually impaired, blind or deaf-blind. The exhibition tours to various state museums and agency galleries from February through June. The show was established in 1983 as a cooperative project of the University of Alabama Birmingham Vision Science Research Center, UAB Education and Outreach Module, UAB School of Optometry and the UAB School of Education all of which serve children with visual impairments.

Steve Armstrong: Automata

September 18 – October 28

The works of Steve Armstrong are examples of mastery in both form and function. Each figure is meticulously hand-carved out of various kinds of wood, as are the mechanisms that make them move. The pieces reveal not only the inner-workings of the automata, but also the wonderful sense of humor of the artist.

Art of Propaganda: World War I & II Posters

October 3 – November 11

This exhibit presented vintage WWI and WWII bond posters from the collection of Peter Morris. War bonds were issued by the government as savings bonds to finance war and military operations, but have not been used since WWII. They were a way to generate capital for the federal government while allowing civilians to feel involved in supporting their national military. War bonds had a low market value, but were secure and stable for investors. War bonds were offered in a wide range of denominations to make them affordable to all, ranging from small stamps in which school children could purchase, to bonds in very large denominations for wealthier individuals. These war bond posters were a way to encourage individuals to buy such bonds as part of their patriotic obligation.

The Trees of Christmas

December 2 – December 24

A display of nine 12' tall live fir trees decorated by civic and school groups, businesses and/or individuals. Original themes reflect the cultural stories of the northwest Alabama region.

Event Calendar

Monday June 17 @ 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Alabama Landmarks: Melissa Tubbs Pen & Ink Drawings
Monday June 17 @ 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama
Sunday June 23 @ 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Alabama Landmarks: Melissa Tubbs Pen & Ink Drawings
Sunday June 23 @ 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama


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