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Mission Statement

The mission of the Ritz Theatre School for the Performing Arts is to provide opportunities for
9th - 12th grade students who have a strong personal interest in, and aptitude for, the performing arts to receive a high-level of training in acting, vocal performance and choreography that will:

  • develop their individual talents and prepare each to perform successfully in group productions or as solo artists.
  • enable them to successfully pursue entry into an institute of higher learning and/or careers in the performing arts.
  • provide the opportunity to participate in a quality program that is intellectually stimulating, emotionally compelling, aesthetically enriching and personally relevant to their talents.
  • promote a desire for, and the understanding of, excellence in the performing arts.
  • foster an appreciation for the performing arts that will last a lifetime.
  • build advocates for the performing arts for future generations.
  • initiate a journey that promotes lifelong learning, human interaction, creativity and social awareness.

Vision Statement

The Ritz Theatre School for the Performing Arts is a high quality educational program for students in grades 9-12 that develops the whole person through a curriculum that enriches and provides practical application for the Alabama state standards for the performing arts. Our goal is to develop the talents and social skills of each student so that when they leave the program, they will be independent, cooperative, responsible and creative young adults with the performing arts skills and aesthetic understanding necessary to participate in and support the performing arts for a lifetime. We believe the skills and qualities learned in our program will prepare students to pursue further educational goals and allow them to contribute to the life and the well being of society as a whole.

Our Conviction

  • Participation in performing arts programs will unlock and support the artistic potential of our students.
  • The best discipline comes from a commitment to shared goals.
  • The performing arts encourage each individual to work in a creative, cooperative and collaborative manner while promoting independent thinking.
  • Students learn best in a participative and creative environment placed within a firm framework of high standards in teaching and learning.
  • Students need an understanding of, and access to, programs that encourage independence of thought and personal development in order to be successful in a technologically developing society.
  • Our program will prepare students to pursue further studies in performing arts at two-year or four-year institutions of higher learning.

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