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Director of Public Affairs and Marketing

Director of Public Affairs and Marketing implements effective marketing and communications strategies that convey the overall institutional identity and vision while producing awareness and engagement for a diverse community of visitors, members, volunteers, and patrons. They are responsible for all public relations efforts including digital media. They are a member of the management team and coordinate with the curatorial and educational staff. 

  • Directs brand management and institutional identity materials for tourism, education, and publicity. Work with the executive director and management team to establish goals for initiatives and appropriate metrics for expanding audience engagement and awareness.
  • Develops and evaluates public relations plans for specific programs that may apply to niche markets. Ensures the coordination and continuity of marketing efforts.
  • Frequently communicates with curatorial and educational staff to understand goals of exhibitions, public programs, projects, productions, and events to create the most appropriate strategy.
  • Oversees social media, website, print publications, advertisements, newsletters, mailings, and other forms of member communications. 
  • Serves as museums liaison with news media. Cultivates relationships with key media professionals.
  • Will effectively write about visual and performing arts using industry standards for press releases, grants, interpretive panels, marketing materials, and presentations.
  • Keeps a contact and mailing list of all media and tourism outlets.
  • Supervises marketing/communications interns.
  • Manages a departmental budget for marketing and public relations.
  • May serve on public boards as a liaison for the art association.
  • Will ensure educational outreach partners are recognized appropriately and in according to their level of support.
  • Ensures the proper archiving of published articles, advertising, etc. on behalf of educational outreach partners.
  • Continuously evaluate most effective methods for improving visitor experience and engagement with the museum and theatre.
  • Is responsible for the development of a regional fund raiser for the association on an annual basis that increases the visibility and awareness of the mission and vision of the organization while fund raising (may not necessarily mean one event, but may be an initiative, series, etc.)
  • Will assist executive director with writing and editing materials for grant submission and large campaigns.
  • Works as a host at most events and ensures they are properly documented.

Required qualifications: Bachelors degree in relevant field 

Desired qualifications: Masters degree in relevant field or 5-7 years of experience managing public affairs for a similar organization.

Posting open till March 9, 2020. Submit cover letter and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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